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Endoscopic Lifting



The eyebrows lower at an early age, sometimes between 30 and 40 years, and the change of their position alters the area of the forehead and the eyelids. The youth look is transformed into a more aged, sad and worn out face.

The lowering of the eyebrows also lowers the superior eyelid and the consequence is that the frontal muscle starts to be used to open the eyes better; this makes the horizontal wrinkles of the forehead appear.

The most appropriate operation in these cases is the endoscopic frontal lifting.

The frontal lifting is used to correct the position of the eyebrows, the wrinkles and the periorbital area. The area of the face that will hang more rapidly is the lateral portion of the eyebrows, between 35 and 45 years old. This creates an apparent increase of the skin on the superior eyelid generating an aged and worn out look.

In these cases the eyebrows have to be repositioned to correct the problem. To achieve natural results we always follow the basic principle in aesthetic surgery: The repositioning of anatomic structures that have suffered a change will be done without altering, in any case, the shapes and volumes. This is crucial to achieve natural results and avoid the “speed-face” results of the older surgery techniques.

In the case of the eyebrows it has to be highlighted that the distance between the eyebrow and the ciliar border (superior eyelid) is very important.
The shortening of this distance creates a sad and worn out face, and increasing it will open and give more appearance to the eyes. In these conditions, it would be a mistake to operate the superior eyelid because cutting the skin in this area will reduce the distance mentioned before and would derive in a sad look.


Only a reposition of the eyebrows would give back youth to this part of the face. Additionally, the wrinkles of the forehead can be corrected, at the same time that the cheek can be elevated and the bags under the eye eliminated in one single operation. An aesthetic and totally natural result will be achieved and this will rejuvenate the whole superior portion of the face.

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Nowadays it is a very fast and non traumatic operation because it is done with endoscope. The surgeon works using the endoscope, that consists in an optic fiber device connected to a video camera that has the diameter of a pen. Between 4 and 5 incisions of 1.5 cm are needed only. They will be hidden by the hair and this will be enough to approach and correct the entire area of the eyebrows and the periorbital area. The operation will be done at a low deepness level so all the important structures of the face (nerves and vessels) will be avoided and the whole process is completely safe.


The operation is done with local anesthesia and sedation and it last one hour and a half. It is necessary to put a compressive bandaging and to apply cold in the area of the eyes, but the patient can be discharged only a couple of hours later. There is no pain in the post operatory, only a slight inflammation and swelling in the area of the forehead and the superior eyelids. In 2 days time the bandages can be removed, the hair can be washed and the patient can go back to normal life. It is convenient to use an elastic strip and avoid the sun during a month.


The results are very natural and there will be no particular complications. The scars are minimum (1.5 cm.) and hidden in the hair. This technique is usually combined with blepharoplasty and lifting in other areas of the face. Additionally, using the plasma rich in grow factors will increase the rapidness and quality in the process of recovery.


  • In how many days can I regain normal life? In 4 to 5 days the inflammation is barely noticeable and it is hard to imagine there has been an operation. In 10 days the aspect is completely normal.
  • How long will the result last? For many years, since 1994, Dr. Mancini has been using this technique and until today, not a single patient has seen disappear the result.
  • Will people notice it? Of course, everyone will notice that the look is younger and prettier, but no one will imagine it is due to an operation.
  • Will it hurt? No, only sometimes a slight headache during the first days can appear because of the bandaging. There exists only troubles and some tears.