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Cheekbone Surgery MALARPLASTY

 Cheek Surgery: MALARPLASTY

Sinked cheekbones, as well as a misplaced chin can alter or disfigure the face. This can be solved with the implantation of final prosthesis trough an intervention known as MALARPLASTY, increasing of the cheekbones. With it, we improve the beauty of the cheekbones, giving better expression to the eyes. Specially indicated for people that have a malar (bone that is at the level of the cheek) poorly developed. This intervention is usually done alone, or as a complement of rhinoplasty, a mentoplasty or a facial rejuvenation.

In what does it consist?

It consists in the placement of one silicone prosthesis through small and invisible incisions inside the mouth, between the superior lip and the gum. A pocket is done ahead of the bone and the prosthesis is placed. The procedure usually involves general anesthesia and one night stay in the hospital. As in any type of surgery, a pre-operation test, a complete clinical history and previous pictures will be essential. The operation regularly does not last over one hour.


Partial rest is recommended during the first 24 hours, as well as frequent mouth rinses with oral antiseptics. Cold towels in the area will help to reduce the logical swelling after the operation. A light diet will be recommended during the first week. The post-operatory is not painful but the area of the cheeks can be felt numb for some time. The major advantage in this type of operation is that, a part that no scar is left and normal life can be regained in a matter of days, when the projection of the cheek is changed the face results much more harmonious and suggestive.